LED Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions concerning our LED Strip Lights, LED Sensor Switches, LED Power Supplies, LED Lights & Fixtures, LED Dimmer & Controllers, LED Aluminum Profiles and LED Accessories. Click on below to view basic LED Lighting questions or use the form below to send us a question of your own.

1. What are the benefits of using LED Products?

LED Products contain no harmful gases or chemicals and will save you money on power costs as well as last thousands of hours longer than any other lighting alternative.

2. How do I determine what power supply that I need?

First you must determine the DC Voltage that the product requires, then you can find the wattage consumption in the specification table on each of our product pages, determine the length of lighting you need and then calculate the wattage that the length will require to power. Add 10%-15% cushion on top of the total wattage that you calculated and then purchase a power supply accordingly.

3.What does RGB mean?

RGB lights, RGB modules, or anything else that lists RGB simply means red, green, and blue. RGB products use these three colors to create over 16 million hues in the same fashion that your computer screen uses RGB to display what you see on your monitor.
4. Can I use your products with other distributors LED Product?

Be wary when using other peoples product with our product, there are many different types of LED Lights and LED Lighting controls. Almost all product sold by FICLUX LED is 12-24VDC CONSTANT VOLTAGE type product, which is not compatible with CONSTANT CURRENT type product. Be sure you know what voltage type product you are using when using our product with others.
5. How flexible is the LED Strip Light?

The LED Strip Light is slightly flexible in an arcing linear matter but is not meant to be bent, twisted, or wrapped around any angles. Bending, twisting, wrapping, or any other abuse of this product will damage the circuitry on the product.
6. What is the difference between Constant Voltage, Constant Current and Dimmable Power Supplies?

It is *very important* to use LED products within a system that operates using a uniform power system. At this time all Power Supplies sold by FICLUX LED are Constant Voltage style.

7. What Wattage capacity of power supply do I need?

This depends on the total wattage of LED lights you are attaching. For example, if you are using 36 total Watts of lights, you would choose a 40 Watt power supply in order to have the minimum recommended 10-15% cushion.
8. Can I use a 12 VDC battery with my LED lights?

Yes, you can use a 12VDC battery to operate 12VDC LED lights, however, a 12 VDC battery will NOT power 24VDC lights.






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